Creative Team Meeting Agenda

Date: Monday, May 13**
Time: 4 PM**
Location: Borough Hall, 24 North Black Horse Pike, Runnemede**

1. **Welcome and Introduction**
– Brief welcoming remarks and overview of the agenda.

2. **Discussion with Mayor Nick Kappatos**
– Review and address the questions submitted regarding the Burroughs objectives for community engagement and creative projects. Ensure clarity on all points raised.

3. **Role of Creative Team Under Sustainable Jersey**
– Overview of the Creative Team’s responsibilities and potential projects under Sustainable Jersey guidelines.
– Identify potential new initiatives or areas needing more focus.

4. **Encouraging Creativity in Civic Organizations**
– Discuss strategies to foster creativity and sustainability within local civic organizations.
– Consider examples of successful initiatives from other communities like promoting sustainable practices in local businesses and supporting green team activities.

5. **Review of Upcoming Events and Initiatives**
– Outline upcoming community events and initiatives.
– Assign roles and responsibilities for team members.

6. **Open Discussion**
– Open floor for team members to introduce new ideas or express concerns.
– Brainstorm on creative solutions to potential challenges.

7. **Closing Remarks**
– Summarize the meeting’s key outcomes.
– Confirm the next meeting date and objectives.