June 3rd Storm Update

Public Works
June 3rd Storm Update

Please be patient. Crews are working hard to provide regular service and storm clean-up.

  • Stay away from downed wires:
    • Downed wires should always be considered “live.” Stay at least 30 feet away from downed power lines and immediately call PSE&G at 1-800-436-PSEG (7734)
  • If you have branches or debris with wire you must call PSE&G or Comcast and/or Verizon.
    • Call PSE&G for branches broke in wires.
    • DPW does not and will not touch anything with wires.
  • Trees in curb stripe and within property limits is your responsibility.
    • If any trees from neighboring properties damaged or have fallen within your property notify your insurance company.
      • Once it has past the property line it is your responsibility.
    • If you or your insurance company has a company come in to cut up a tree they must remove it as well.

Debris removal:

  • Place in sections at curb.
  • Branches and trees up to 4 inches can be placed in 6 foot lengths at the curb. 4 to 8 inches in 3 to 4 foot lengths. Anything over 8 inches please cut into fire wood lengths.
    • Post on social media you have fire wood to be removed at curb.
  • If you see storm drains covered with debris, be neighborly and clean off tops.

Collection schedule:

  • Regular yard waste on Mondays.  Paper bags and cans.
  • Limbs and branches will be picked up and chipped daily. We are making are way systematically through town.  Estimating two to make it through town.
  • If we go buy and you haven’t had a chance to place out don’t worry. We will be back.
  • Logs will be collected last.
  • Recycle is West side on Thursday and East side on Friday.  This will remain the schedule until further notice.
    • Please put address on cans and secure on windy days.
  • Metal and Electronics as we can.  Please email address.

Any questions or concerns please call:

1-856-931-0646 or email Superintendent at: hwozunk@runnemedenj.org

If you need damage assistance and claims you can contact Runnemede Office of Emergency Management at:



Remember crews are working hard to provide regular service and storm clean-up while we still have COVID-19 restrictions.

Thank you for understanding,
Runnemede Department of Public Work Crew